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About Help Save Earth

The mission of this site is to make "going green" simple to understand, and will help people focus on the most influential things we can support, that will eventually have the biggest impact on our planet

Here are a couple questions we would like to provide you answers to...

With this knowledge, we can properly focus our resources and money on the efforts that will give us the biggest "bang for our buck"!

We also want to provide you with a simple way to monitor how we (United States) are changing the actual numbers, so we know if all our efforts are making a difference or not. The Department of Energy has a huge database of information about this topic, we just want to make it easier for you to make sense of it, so you can see what impact your actions will have on the big picture of "going green"!

You can also review numerous data charts from Environmental Leader.

Here is an example of a chart we like to monitor...

Table 2.1. Energy Consumption by Sector by Year [4]
In Trillion BTU

We also attempted to provide sources of our information as much as possible, so you can see why we added or left off an action from the list. We have some actions that have not made it onto our site, because we haven't found enough evidence supporting it, or don't know about it. Please contact us if we are missing something, or you don't agree with our statements.

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