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Carbon Footprint Calculator

track your personal carbon footprint calculator

There are many carbon footprint calculators on the web, but we didn't want to just ESTIMATE our impact. Instead, we wanted to measure our ACTUAL carbon footprint, based upon our actual usage from the utility bills received. The nice thing about a carbon footprint calculator is that it converts everything into a common metric (lbs of carbon dioxide emissions equivalents), so you can focus on the biggest impacting areas of your lifestyle.

Just enter the usage of each utility each month (that are applicable), and our system will automatically calculate your carbon footprint. We will also provide a pie chart of where your largest impact is coming from, to help you prioritize which green actions you should improve first.

The current utility data we let you track are as follows:

Want to see an example? Check out one of our members' footprint >>>

Watch a demo below (set to HD video quality and full screen view for best results)

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personal carbon footprint calculator booklet Want to help others get started?Download the 'Personal Carbon Footprint Booklet' by entering your email address (PDF, 32 pages, 800 KB).
To print in booklet format, print double-sided (both sides) using booklet print feature in Adobe Acrobat (and use 100% recycled paper) for a total of 8 pages.

Just want to estimate your impact quickly without the hassle of gathering your bills? Use our quick calculator >>>

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Carbon Footprint Calculator