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Free "Going Green at School" Training Powerpoint Presentation - Help Save Earth - Bringing data, eco friendly products and sustainable living green solutions together, to save the environment!


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2/27/2009 - Are your students, teachers and edministrators engaged in the "Green" movement? If you haven't given them any training on how to do it, you can't blame them!

Your school needs a training for ALL STUDENTS (not just the Environmental club) on simple things they can do to help save costs, and save the environment!

And here it is! is providing a FREE Powerpoint presentation to all schools to help get your students and faculty quickly engaged in the environmental movement, and help save your school money!

Here are the benefits of a training program like this:

  1. Students: See that their school is serious about being green, not just talking about it. They will benefit when bills are lower, and more programs can be made available to them. Allows students to get involved in small projects, outside activities and clubs, and learn things that they can also implement at home.
  2. Teachers: Opportunity to teach their students some easy tips to go green, and have great discussions about actions everyone can take to empower themselves and make a difference.
  3. School: Gains the financial benefits from reduced energy, water and landfill bills, to be used to fund other programs.
  4. Community: Sees the school as a leader in the community, and supports the environmental awareness and education of the students
  5. Environment: Reduced bills = less harmful impact from greenhouse gases

Why is this free?

Our mission is to make going green easier to do for everyone, and we feel this is a great way to quickly educate millions of students and faculty on how easy it is to green their classrooms. We realized there wasn't any structured generic training available on this topic, so we created it. Without this material, schools would have to create their own training material from scratch, which delays the training rollout, and costs them money. That decreases the chances of the rollout being successful. Now, there is NO excuse for any school that does not have a "Green at School" training.

What's in it for us?

This will help get the word out about our website, where people can learn even more things about helping the environment, beyond the school or workplace. All we ask is that you leave the little logo on the bottom left side of each slide.

Seems like a great idea. What do I do next?

  1. Download the presentation (PPT, 2003 Version, 20 slides, 8 MB)
  2. Change the logo on the master slide to your school or district logo*
  3. Get the training approved for distribution. You are free to add/delete/modify slides as you wish, or use it as the basis for more formalized training. All we care is that the word gets out!
  4. Train your students. This training can be given to any student, but may need to be simplified for grade schools.
  5. PLEASE contact us and let us know how it went, or how we can improve the training
  6. Tell your friends, family, other teachers and faculty about this training, so they can use it at their schools

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