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Environmental Links - Help Save Earth - Bringing data, eco friendly products and sustainable living green solutions together, to save the environment!



Greenopia - Greenopia is the ultimate green search engine that not only finds you green solutions for every day living, but also qualifies them with our expert ratings process.

Carbon Footprint Calculator

Carbon Footprint Calculator - If you don't want to use our actual carbon footprint calculator, use this one to estimate your impact.

Green Renewable Energy Hosting

Green Web Hosting Services Comparison - Compare the best online website hosting companies that offset their energy usage from 100-300% using wind, solar and geothermal renewable energy offsets.

Funny and educational vegan video series

Bite Size Vegan Video Blogger - Funny, educational and entertaining video series to help educate you on being vegan!

Eco Tropical Resorts around the World

Eco Tropical Resorts around the World - Worldwide directory of eco-friendly resorts in tropical locations

iStayGreen Directory of Green Hotels

iStayGreen - Search, research, book and support hotels and vacation properties that are making efforts to be enviromentally friendly

Toyota Kentucky Education Center

Toyota Kentucky Education Center - Download free curriculum materials for elementary, middle and high school students, on topics such as: energy, air and water quality, Waste reduction, and Reduce Reuse and Recycle (3 R's)

Climate change websites

101 Top Web Resources on Climate Change - List of websites to help educate and enlighten anyone looking to learn more about climate change

The Nature Conservancy - Plant a Billion Trees

The Nature Conservancy - Plant a Billion Trees - Calculate and track your actual carbon footprint on our site, then offset your usage by donating trees to The Nature Conservancy.

integrated power corporation iPower

Integrated Power (iPower) Corporation - Different from other solar integrators, their licensed engineers and LEED AP designers with their advanced degrees in architecture are dedicated to the expansion and support of renewable energy.

consumer affairs solar energy information

Consumer Affairs Guide to Solar Energy - Guide can answer questions about different financing options and types of solar installers and manufacturers based on your needs.

Wind Turbine Social Networking website

Wind Turbines: A Social Network for the Wind Turbine Community - positioned to be the largest social network for the wind turbine community where the public and the wind energy profession can come together to get advice, share ideas and network for career advancement.

simple shoes

Simple Shoes - manufacturer that sells sustainable shoes and bags. They use many different reusable material sources, including recycled carpet padding, eco-certified suede and leather, hemp, bamboo, cork, recycled car tires, recycled wool, 100% post-consumer recycled paper, certified organic cotton, natural rubber adhesive, and recycled plastic bottles (PET).

Earth Day Network - leads its network in thousands of Earth Day events and actions worldwide each year.

I-Renew Iowa Renewable Energy

iRenew - Iowa Renewable Energy Association - Promoting Renewable Energy in Iowa through training courses and events, conferences and community outreach.

Rapanui Clothing - Rapanui, based on the Isle of Wight (UK), they take a holistic approach to sustainability, using sustainable textiles like organic cotton, bamboo and hemp. Clothes are manufactured in a wind powered factory, where the entire process is audited by the Fairwear Foundation.

EarthEcho International

EarthEcho International - a nonprofit organization founded in 2000 by siblings Philippe and Alexandra Cousteau in honor of their father Philippe Cousteau Sr., famous son of the legendary explorer Jacques Yves Cousteau. It's mission is to foster extraordinary leaders to take action to restore and protect our oceans.

Polywood - furniture made from high-quality, durable recycled plastic lumber. - site produced by the Geneva-based Air Transport Action Group (ATAG), which is the only global association representing all sectors of the air transport industry. Stay up-to-date on what the airline industry is doing to reduce its environmental impact.

Arion Global - specializing in the environmentally safe & socially responsible dismantling of electronic waste, scrap metal and recycled plastics

Boots On The Roof - first truly professional renewable energy training program in the United States

Green Industry Groups - Extensive list of groups and associations, broken down by green category

Mattress Disposal and Recycling Guide - Details on how you can recycle your old mattress

The beginners guide to driving electric cars




Green Eco Products

Bamboo Legal Mobile File Cart




CB Counter Top Drinking Water System Replacement Filter (CBTVOC)



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