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Dixon Earth Golf Balls - Store

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Dixon Earth Golf Balls

Dixon Earth Golf Balls

Unlike other Golf Ball Brands who use harsh heavy-metal pollutants like tungsten, cobalt and lead, and contain non-renewable synthetic materials and compounds; the Dixon Earth golf ball is "green" to the core. The Earth core is made from a proprietary polymer that maintains the playable properties of the ball, but ensures that it is 100% renewable. Most manufacturers would stop thereżnot Dixon. Their commitment to the environment and to your golf game is 100%. In addition to the core, the entire Dixon Earth ball is manufactured with materials that can be recycled and used to make other consumer products. But that's not all! Even the packaging is made from 100% recycled material. From core to cover, from packaging to production, Dixon Earth is setting a new standard in environmental consciousness.

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Dixon Earth Golf Balls - Store