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TrickleStar Universal TrickleSaver (TV) - Store

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TrickleStar Universal TrickleSaver (TV)

TrickleStar Universal TrickleSaver (TV)

Designed for audio/video equipment the Universal TrickleSaver will help you cut costs on your electricity bill right away. Even though they appear to be off, products like DVD players, televisions and stereo equipment continue to draw power, called vampire energy. Connect the Universal TrickleSaver to your TV and plug the other end into the power strip that all your other A/V equipment is connected. The Universal TrickleSaver will detect the power status of your TV and cut power to your A/V equipment when your TV is powered off. When you turn your TV back on, the Universal TrickleSaver will switch all your A/V equipment on as well.The Universal TrickSaver can also be used for PCs when a PC TrickleSaver cannot be used (such as when the PC USB port does not power down as required).Installation is a snap. The Universal TrickleSaver can be directly connected to your equipment or plugged into a powerstrip that connects to your other A/V items.

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