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Greenline Professional Greenhouse (6x10) - Store

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Greenline Professional Greenhouse (6x10)

Greenline Professional Greenhouse (6x10)

Greenline Greenhouses: Value, High-Quality, Easy-to-AssembleThe new Greenline Greenhouse Kit is a value-priced, high-quality, easy-to-assemble greenhouse which is sure to please any backyard grower. These beautiful greenhouses come standard with a galvanized steel base and green powder coated aluminum frame. The crystal-clear polycarbonate side panels let you watch your plants grow. Features include: One roof vent, sliding door, 100% UV protection, Apex roof design, and rain gutter kit. Easy assembly takes only 4-5 hours and uses only a screwdriver, pliers, and wrench. This is easily one of the best deals on a starter greenhouse that you will find.

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Greenline Professional Greenhouse (6x10) - Store