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EasyGrow Greenhouse (8 x 10) - Store

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EasyGrow Greenhouse (8 x 10)

EasyGrow Greenhouse (8 x 10)

The Easygrow Greenhouse features a heavy gauge extruded aluminum and a 4 mil twin wall opaque polycarbonate. No Velcro or zipper is necessary because of its proper aluminum framed hinged door. Another attribute of this Greenhouse is its beautiful powder coated forest green aluminum frame and a standard roof vent for fresh air entry. * No base necessary * You may build your own foundation of any chosen material * Ground stakes * Very sturdy due to criss cross steel wires * Very easy to read pictured assembly instructions * 2-4 hours to assemble * Patented connectors: "push & click" * Corrosion free materials * Requires only a Phillip screwdriver and pliers

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EasyGrow Greenhouse (8 x 10) - Store