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Full Spectrum Compact Lamp (White) - Store

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Full Spectrum Compact Lamp (White)

Full Spectrum Compact Lamp (White)

A Daylight™ classic. Mains operated, its lightweight and compact designfolds neatly together making this the perfect lamp for taking low heat9w Daylight™ with you wherever you go – craft clubs, classes, whiletraveling or just about the house.

Full Spectrum lighting is growing more popular every day. That's because light plays an important role in the way we feel. our inability to see colors adequately, as is the case on a gray winter day or under poor artificial lighting, can affect our mood and energy levels.

Tests have shown that daylight simulating bulbs and lamps reduce eyestrain, promote healthy vision and create optimum working conditions. Glare free Daylight bulbs also improve contrast and clarity making them perfect for reading, drawing and other detailed tasks.

Best of all, attractive Daylight quality full spectrum lighting fixtures, are so affordable! When it comes to healthy lighting, it just doesn't get any better.

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Full Spectrum Compact Lamp (White) - Store