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Often times, I get offered free gifts to entice me to buy things, either when I donate to an organization, or to signup for information, or when purchasing something. Usually its something I don't need, but the natural instinct is to take it, since it is free. Usually it will sit in your house, take up space, and eventually get thrown away, as well as encourage companies to continue to give out free stuff. If you really need the item, then by all means take the gift.

Easy Scale: star rating ease of implementation [9]
(1-10 scale, 1 = Difficult and costly, 10 = simple and no cost or little effort)

Impact Scale: star rating impact of action [2]
(1-5 scale, 1 = Minor but worthwhile, 5 = Strong impact on environment)

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Another reason to turn away free gifts is to help you decide if you really need to buy the item you're considering, or just buying it to get free stuff.

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