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Replace light bulbs with more energy efficient bulbs - Use less electricity - Image courtesy of

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Compact fluorescent bulbs and other Energy Star approved bulbs require less electricity (around 75% less), and lasts 10x longer than standard bulbs. The added cost of the bulbs will pay for itself in the long run (save around $30-50 per bulb over its lifetime). [9]

Source: [9] Global Warming Survival Handbook: 77 Essential Skills To Stop Climate Change [Live Earth]

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Easy Scale: star rating ease of implementation [9]
(1-10 scale, 1 = Difficult and costly, 10 = simple and no cost or little effort)

Impact Scale: star rating impact of action [3]
(1-5 scale, 1 = Minor but worthwhile, 5 = Strong impact on environment)

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LED bulbs are even more efficient, but aren't as bright as CFL bulbs, and are still very expensive. Hopefully the brightness and cost will change in the near future.

Unfortunately, there is no easy answer for what to do with those old incadescent bulbs. There is currently no way to recycle them, so maybe there will be a solution someday. We recommend replacing your old bulbs, and holding on to them, waiting for a recycling option in the future.

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Replace light bulbs with more energy efficient bulbs - Use less electricity