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Think you might be getting better tasting water from the bottle? Think again! Many people cannot taste the difference between filtered tap water and bottled water, so why pay for it? In addition to the cost savings, when you avoid buying bottled water, you save on the energy of producing the bottles and transportation costs of getting it to you. In addition, water bottles routinely end up in the landfill and are not properly recycled. Instead, invest in a water filter or water filtration system, and use your reuseable mug or water bottle to fill it up every day.  [9]

Source: [9] Global Warming Survival Handbook: 77 Essential Skills To Stop Climate Change [Live Earth]

 Experiment results from taste test comparing bottled water vs. filtered tap water

 The Story of Bottled Water (Video)

 The Hidden Costs of Bottled Water (with video)

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