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Green your wedding - Trash contaminates the water supply - Image courtesy of

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If you calculate the carbon footprint of your "big" day, you might be surprised at how large it is. When you consider airline flights, outfits, presents, food, etc., any reductions or smarter decisions can greatly lessen your impact. The websites below offer some tips and/or ideas to consider. Also consider having guests donate money to your favorite charity, instead of buying gifts that you probably don't really need.

 Changing the Presents - Donation alternatives to gifts

 Planet Green - How to Go Green: Weddings - Charity Gift Giving

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Category: Holidays

User Comments
 We went super-cheap on our wedding: no guests, one notary ($100), marriage license ($100), nearby chapel (used back area near beach, no cost), no rentals or dresses (used clothing we already had), wedding and engagement rings ($500), no gifts asked for (or received), and no party (except a small cake for $5). Doesn't work for everyone, but we were very happy with it...
hbomb7 - 7/4/2009 2:51:36 PM  

 Going green on your wedding day is simple which equals Less Stress. That's a major bonus in my book. Plus with all the money that you save on the wedding, you can go on a fabulous honeymoon!
lolazion - 8/26/2009 8:45:19 PM  

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Green your wedding - Trash contaminates the water supply