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Everytime you order carry-out or to-go, you increase your use of packaging materials to get your food back to your home. By staying at the restaurant and eating, you can use their dinnerware and plates (that are cleaned and reused each time). Next time you see someone taking food home to eat, look at how much packaging was used. In addition, many places still use styrofoam and non-biodegradeable products, which will end up in our landfills

 The Daily Green: 17 Tips That Can Save Hundreds

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The typical U.S. family spends $4,000 on meals per year outside the home. Jeff Yeager, author of "The Cheapskate Next Door," estimates that a family that commits to eating at home can save $3,000 in one year and eat just as well. Cooking at home will also force you to pay more attention to the ingredients that are going into your food, according to The Daily Green. This also greatly reduces the amount of packaging you use, compared to eating out.

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