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Limit use of your vehicle's air conditioner - Stop emitting nitrous oxide (NOx) gases  - Image courtesy of

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Try using the vents and opening windows to cool off before you turn on the air conditioner. Air conditioner use increases fuel consumption, increases nitrous oxide emissions in some vehicles, and involves environmentally damaging fluids. To help reduce the amount of A/C needed, try parking your car in the shade, or keep your car parked in your garage. If you must use your A/C, select your vehicle's recycle-inside-air feature. It recirculates the cooling inside air, rather than pulling in the hot outside air. Surprisingly, fan speed does not affect fuel economy. Turn the fan on the highest setting to cool the vehicle down faster, then adjust for comfort. [6]

Source: [6] Green Book Online [10th annual "Greenest Cars"]

 Motor Trend Mag: Will Rolling Down Windows Save Fuel or Not?

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Limit use of your vehicle's air conditioner - Stop emitting nitrous oxide (NOx) gases