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Eat sushi and fish from sustainable aquaculture methods - Stop Polluting the Water - Image courtesy of

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Many species of fish, commonly used in sushi, are either overfished, farmed with aquaculture methods that pollute the ocean, or are harvested in such a way as to cause the destruction of ocean habitats or kill large numbers of other marine species. Meanwhile, sushi made from wild-caught Alaska salmon, farmed scallops and Pacific halibut are considered more sustainable choices by the groups, as each comes from abundant, well-managed fisheries or, in the case of scallops, are raised using sustainable aquaculture methods [12]

Source: [12] [Blue Ocean Institute]

 E-The Environmental Magazine: Consumer Guides to Sustainable Sushi

 Blue Ocean Institute: Leading Ocean Conservation Groups Offer Advice On Choosing Sustainable Sushi

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User Comments
 How do I find out if the fish is aquacultured?
lolazion - 12/13/2008 1:56:07 PM  

 Without directly asking your local sushi restaurant, the next best option is by looking at the Sushi guide above (see 2nd link we just added). It will explain which type of fish is more likely to be aquacultured or farmed in more environmentally friendly ways. You can also order a pocket-size guide from their website, to take with you when you go out to eat.
hbomb7 - 12/13/2008 6:49:04 PM  

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Eat sushi and fish from sustainable aquaculture methods - Stop Polluting the Water